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13 juin 2013 4 13 /06 /juin /2013 23:02
We have addressed in two previous blogs, what is getting transformed so we can in a tangible way talk about it and exchange between us in our homes, in cafes and well obviously on forums and social networks.
To begin, we can understand that there is the appearance of the 'micro' scale processing and transformation scale "macro." The first happens in the world of the invisible, at least too small to the naked eye while the second is happening at a macroscopic scale is the scale of the universe. Transformation at the 'micro' level comes from the vibration level i.e., our vibration level that are powered by our thoughts, by the energy that surrounds us, by "the evolution" of our individual and collective wills to discover more about us, about "who we are" either both at the level of our genetics, our metabolism, our being up to the level of our cells powered by celestial energy. We transform our knowledge and gradually eliminate what comes from "programming" learned thoughts by heart of our parents, our teachers, our advisors, our religious, our doctors that we rendered blind and disabled...
We are on the verge of understanding that our cells are the source of the intelligence and they are those who decide our well-being and that they obey... our thoughts... creative thinking. We will have a great chapter on this subject given the incredible amount of information that contains this world invisible to the naked eye but in which a multitude of exchanges are all the nano seconds in one cell language "code" that repairs and constantly transform our Organization to make it work to the best of the instructions received by the "overseers" and our thoughts that, let it, is a source of energy (positive or negative...) as all that exists elsewhere in the universe...
For example, stem cells that if auto renew among other things, in our brain and demonstrate us autonomy who ceases to surprise the scientific community and which shows how, cellular intelligence is unknown and misunderstood by the vast information contained in our cells and their progenitors are genes with their proteins that ensure their proper functioning.
Stem cells are cells that have not yet made their choice of career. They can specialize into many types of cells in the human body. Stem cells appear in humans approximately one week after fertilization. Stem cells are able to regenerate human tissues. One day, when we know how to "communicate" with our own cells, they will be used to treat all kinds of diseases, tissue repair or even create replacement organs. They are already used to treat diseases of the blood such as leukemia.
The celestial vastness also has its secrets and discoveries that most scientific of us discover every day. The new technological thrusts combined with sensors such as SoHO has become famous for revolutionizing our understanding of the Sun which reveals information previously (see among others the observation from the HINODE Japanese team which provides for the reversal of the poles of the Sun) and the satellite "Hubble HUDF (from the English Hubble Ultra Deep Field)" who observes the far reaches of the southern hemisphere of the celestial vault and allows us to discover what we had never seen... See for yourself and hold your breath...
You tell me that all this information since still exist because the universe has always existed and that our metabolism is certainly not new except for one small thing: we did not know... In our unconsciousness and our activities daily debilitating, there are a multitude of events that occur at all nano-seconds and it was there that the transformation at the micro and macro level his work. Now that we know a little more, we learn some "who we really are," and that we can gradually understand "how the extraordinary machine human work" while we discover the universe with its countless secrets, then we can become aware of this transformation that takes form in our consciousness and that is propabe everywhereat all levels of the visible and the invisible. It is enough to look at... to see...
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